At St. Mary's Central School in Kinnigoli, the eco club is working to promote environmental awareness and encourage green consciousness among students. The club is divided into five groups: Mount Everest, Black Panther, Thunder, Wolf, and Lightning. Each week, the club hosts various activities, including a recent Cleanliness Drive program.




The event began with each group reciting their slogans. The club's teacher-in-charge assigned cleaning duties to each of the five groups, and the students were excited to work together to keep the school premises tidy. Group leaders led their members to designated areas, where they picked up plastics, wood pieces, and tiny bits of grass and deposited them in the appropriate bins. The school principal even joined in, observing the students' efforts to raise environmental awareness.
At the end of the activity, the groups gathered to hear their point totals, announced by the teacher-in-charge. The students concluded the program by reciting their group slogans. This activity was a valuable lesson in the importance of teamwork and the significance of every individual's contribution. It also served as a reminder to appreciate the hardworking helpers who keep the school clean.

On behalf of the students, we extend our thanks to the group leaders and members for actively participating in the Cleanliness Drive program.

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